What is the visitor experience system for?

What people think, say, and do informs the content, technology and design of digitally mediated spaces.

 The visitor experience framework is designed to discover what people think, feel and do in digitally mediated spaces. We work with people in these spaces to learn about their experiences.

Teams of researchers, content developers and stakeholders design technologies and content for these spaces. Content may be artistic, historic, scientific, branded, retail, entertainment and used for operational health and safety. Researchers and providers of these spaces want to know more about what we learn, think and take away from the space.

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Designing content and technology for digital spaces must also include the people that visit, participate and contribute in them. So we unpack what goes on in these spaces for the visitors, the designers and the technologists.

This service is for Institutions including exhibition, retail, and scientific and domestic environments as knowledge of a persons experience informs the design, content, use and investment in these spaces.

We enrich:

Education Programs

Scientific, Historic Content


Way Showing

Exhibition Design

Curatorial Content


Experience Design

UX (User Experience)

Retail Design

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