The iShoU system is simple

Given the challenge of retelling experience and the difficulty in describing subjective, content we combine traditional research, smart technology and co-creative user centred design to figure out what people think, feel and do in digitally augmented spaces.

IShoU Interface















How does it work?

  • We work with your to clarify what you want to know and give you tools for your visitors.
  • We observe
  • We work with your people
  • We use fun and engaging tools with people to help us communicate their experience
  • We engage visitors while in the space
  • We show you easy to understand data of the experience and provide tools that are visual and understandable at a glance but can be deeply examined.
  • Data is real-time, cumulative and ongoing.
  • We synthesise the information and provide visual, interactive quanta to help you get what is going on in the space and to better understand the ramifications of your content, design and technology.
  • We provide research that informs your strategic direction.
  • We want to make sure that your design intentions are communicated.IShoU Interface















iShoU Nodem HK 2012















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